Living in complete isolation, in an abandoned place after another: a new project by Ettore Favini.For “Walden Method” project, the artist inspired to the most famous book by David Henry Thoreau.

If the American writer used to create while living in a hut by a lake, the Italian artist started is experience in the Spring by staying 5 days in a tent near Pordenone. The first chapter is on springtime (Chapter #1 Springtime) and has been realized in Pordenone between 20 – 25 March at the former Amman cotton mill. Founded in 1875 by Alberto Amman and Emilio Wepfer it changed the city transforming its economy and affecting the social fabric but today it is completely abandoned.
Ettore Favini just begun to document the first episode (supported by Valcucine) in his blog and he will keep on nourishing it with images regarding this and the next summer experience.
Favini’s project develops in 4 chapters, one aech season. For every season the artist chooses a different abandoned location in which to stay for a short period.
During his one week staying he documents the life of the place; small actions and movements regulating the natural world
He records sounds, takes pictures, records videos…
It’s an odd experience because he doesn’t have any medium to communicate with the external world, only with nature, nature which has been modified by human beings.